Virtual Environments SW


  • Provides primary quality for Visual Simulation by building a user-friendly, optimized environment.
  • Include a function for the research in Transportation, Automotive Sector which support virtual environment, vehicle module, simulation, and driver-focused experience
  • Support SILS, DILS, HILS, VILS and other various testing structure based on virtual reality through API & SDK

SCANeR™studio Platform Structure

  • Optimized Developing Platform for the research in Traffic, Transportation, Autonomous Driving and Human factor sector
  • Models: included Simulation, Vehicle Dynamics, Traffic, Pedestrians, etc. also provides API, functions (Interfacing, Signal Export, Vehicle Information) to conduct an open platform with unlimited compatibility
  • Possible to apply with various conditions like traffic flow, weathers, etc.; simple Drag&Drop operation; scenario production by editing the script input; real-time simulation data output; data synchronization with other biometric devices

Photo Realistic Rendering

  • Extremely real-world similarity – photorealistic level graphic rendering effect
  • A new visual plugin is available to add a depth of field effect to SCANeR visual rendering

Lighting Simulation

  • SCANeR™studio allows to create almost any advanced lighting system by allowing real-time modifications or generations of photometric data.
  • This new API is available as a new feature of Visual Plug-in API giving access to photometric data. Generate photometric maps from camera sensors using segmentation plugin