Driving Simulator

ADS (Advanced Driving Simulator)

  • World-class, grand-scale driving simulator
  • Highest realism, full immersion and superior performance
  • Application for autonomous driving, human factors, and traffic safety
  • Minimization of simulator sickness
  • Ease of operation, monitoring and control
  • Attention to safety and maintenance

FDS (Full Driving Simulator)

  • Real vehicle based: full-size, half-size
  • Various visual displays: dome screen, muti-channel monitors
  • Various motion platforms: 6 DOF hexapod, vibrators
  • Fully functional driving mechanisms, buttons, and panels

Seat Buck

  • Virtual reality design and engineering application in early stages
  • Variable structure using real car parts
  • Driver evaluation of autonomous driving technology under various situations and environments

CDS (Compact Driving Simulator)

  • Compact size with high realism and performance
  • Use of real car parts and active force feedback
  • Various motion platforms with different degrees-of-freedom
  • Various multi-channel visual display systems