Tank Tactical Training System (TTTS)

The tank tactical training system is a comprehensive training simulator which is able to train for individual as a driver, gunner and ammo loader and group trainees of tank and do various training such as driving, gunnery and tactical training under the similar combat environment.

The tank tactical training system provides same driving and fire control units that operates the same as the actual tank. Also it supports various highly reliable virtual combat environment using motion and operating SW such as thermal sight, smokescreen, combat sounds and explosive smoke include weather change for day and night time.




Provide realistic feeling experiences based on physical dynamic data apply

HW System

  • Integrated system of turret and body
  • Provide 6 axis actuator
  • Turret rotation : +/-225
  • Various devices mounted for driving & fire

Instructor Station

Full training progress control, Monitoring system for instructor

Monitoring and Control System

  • Training monitoring & emergency situation control
  • Training scene & report save for AAR

Equipment Room

Installation of system computer, video system, air conditioning system, mechanical electrical/electronic Devices

Training Range

  • Able to conduct joint exercises
  • Stand-alone training without an instructor

Image Generating Device

Sufficient graphic card installation for huge terrain DB processing

Display Database

  • Terrain image generation same with actual terrain
  • Image development of base camp & shooting range