Military Truck Driving Simulator (MTDS)

Military Truck Simulator, with high performance vehicle simulator technology, used for driving safety training of military trucks.

It simulates realistic performance of the characteristics of a military truck(1 ton / 2.5 ton / 5 ton), regular bus and fire fighting truck(15 ton), and improves maintainability through system configuration and modular design suitable for military training. The Military Truck Simulator has been delivered to the Army Logistics School, the Transport Training Group of Army and the Marine Corps, providing a safe training environment to frontline drivers through traffic safety education, economic driving education, and familiarization of the operational terrain.

Improving driving Skill and safety regulations
The best suitable system for training
Providing a training and education system



Driver’s seat


  • Realistic driving sensation with steering wheel reaction force and clutch vibration reproduction mechanism
  • Resembling actual driver’s seat using by real military truck parts
  • 42”monitor used to display driving image similar to actual driving view angle
  • Efficient maintenance with removable and attachable lid
  • Computer with the latest specifications
  • User-friendly interface
  • Software with basic operations as well as mastery training scenarios
  • Support interoperating system with On/ Off mode
  • Support interworking system with LVC / VR


Military Truck(1 ton / 2.5 ton / 5 ton)

Regular bus

Fire Truck(15 ton)

Instructor System