Virtual Maintenance Training System (VMTS)

Virtual Maintenance Training System enhances trainees repair and maintenance skills regarding of aircrafts, ships, tanks, trains and vehicles.

Based on virtual reality training contents, the system enables trainees to acquire and upgrade maintenance technology as real-world experiences in a safe environment.
It provides an immersive training environment where skills can be acquired to reduce costs and time, enhance functional efficiency.


Education Room

Immersive Training


Training Environment based on VR

  • Provide real maintenance environment based on HMD
  • Provide efficient tool for training within a safe environment
  • Support the most effective education of VR training with skills and knowledge for maintenance
  • Provide the immediate feedback trainees require to achieve the goal at hand


Creates multisensory digital experiences


Provides a new perspective

Augmented Reality

Overlays digitally created content into the real world

Virtual Reality

Created a digital Environment

Mixed Reality

Blends digital content into the real world