Fire Truck Training Simulator

Realistic driving system
with real driving parts

Provides a realistic riding
sensation with multi-axis
motion system

Simulates water tanks,
pumps, chemical vehicles
by applying fluid dynamics

Provides a realistic
display with driving sight angles


Education and Training Scenarios

  • Various training programs
  • Realistic operation function (Tunnels, left turn, U-turn)
  • Provide workshop centered scenarios with general driving, emergency event, water
  • Include scenario extension

Motion System

  • Multi-Motion platform
  • Integrated motion platform control cabinet
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Motion system control module,
  • SSCNET(Servo System Control Net)

Real-time Simulation Software

  • Hardware interlocking module
  • Vehicle dynamics module
  • Operator module
  • Video and motion synchronization module
  • System monitoring module
  • After Action Review System

Virtual Reality Modeling and Database

  • Real-time image engine and software for event management
  • Virtual traffic roads for mission execution
  • Modeling of fire sites, construction sites, congestion roads, etc.
  • Support scenarios for driving evaluation

Realistic Driving Cabin

  • Control console : Apply real operating components (Pedals, joystick, driving seat)
  • Data processing Board : digital, Analog board
  • Sound : Woofer & vibration speaker system
  • Two-way Communications  system