Technology Introduction

General drive studio

GDSTUDIO is a developing tool to build driving simulation environment for driver via easy creation of road information and scenario with using contents (Visual Database, Sound files).

GDS provides an easy-to-build environment for driving simulators.
Drivers could be exposed to dangerous surroundings while spending high cost and time to experience road conditions.
However, by using driving simulators, drivers can experience various driving environments safely at low cost. It is also possible to collect data for various researches on customers’ specific subjects.

For an instance, it is necessary to study the logic of autonomous driving cars, but due to the its attributes, it can be dangerous to research on real roads.

The GDS provides an editing tool to build road information and to set scenarios of driving situations easily with using contents such as visual database, sound files, etc. The GDS helps drivers experience virtual driving environments effectively with a driving simulator.

Configuration module

Instructor Program

  • Provide standardized interface for simulation’s operation control
  • Run operation module/ Select scenario/Operation computer control
  • Real-time monitoring of vehicle info.
  • Scenario interworking via export channel
  • Customizing cabin as partition booth type for immersive training.
  • Provide operation control function

Traffic Generator

  • Autonomous Vehicle control
  • Pedestrian control
  • Traffic light control
  • Event control
  • Operation module control

Terrain Editor

  • Build roads and lanes, property setting
  • Define a road network with intersection settings
  • Set road properties
  • Set stop line and traffic light

Visual / Sound Program

  • Visual output to the multi-channel
  • Image effect
  • Driver’s viewpoint setting
  • Environment effects
  • Automatic light effects using timeline
  • Sound effect

Scenario Editor

  • Specify vehicle attributes and route settings
  • Pedestrian path setting
  • Obstacle setting
  • Set up autonomous vehicle and traffic light control
  • Set up image and sound effect
  • Define exporting data

Record / Replay Program

  • Save training results
  • Automatic Bookmark Accident Location
  • Replay saved data
  • Analysis of situations from various viewpoints
  • Location function of bookmark

Model Handler

  • Real-time dynamics control
  • Dynamics settings for Manual/Automatic and special vehicles
  • Real-time motion control

Monitoring Program

  • Output simulation data via the Export Channel
  • Real-time UI output via user-defined features
  • Simulation Control via Import Channel

Data Manager

  • Collect and retransmit data between operation programs
  • Filter damaged packets and non-defined packets
  • Save raw data for analysis

Analysis Program

  • Analysis of simulation results with raw data
  • Driving habits analysis
  • Accident and violation situation aggregation

MDAQ Program

  • Acquire analog and digital signals for H/W control
  • Acquire joysticks and keyboards signals.
  • Real-time digital cluster description


  • Store simulator result data
  • Analysis and aggregation of results according to user-definition
  • Output results according to user-definition

Multi-Vehicle Dynamics Model

  • Provide general vehicle dynamics models such as Sedan, SUV, Bus, Truck, etc.
  • Provide heavy-duty vehicle dynamics models such as Trailer, Forklift and Excavator
  • Provide development environments for vehicle driving algorithm of Block Diagram based on Matlab Simulink
  • Provide examples of vehicle control algorithms such as ABS, VDS, AEB, etc.
  • Supports parameter input/output functions that are compatible with the Vehicle Parameter Tuning Software
  • Provide C++ language compatibility and C# Wrapper Source code to support development environment interworking.

Vehicle Parameter Tuning Tool

GUI(Graphical User Interface)-based software

  • Provide user-intuitive tuning environment via performance/dimension changes in the car configuration system
  • Improves development convenience by providing dynamic models of the entire vehicle and car configuration system.
  • Provide realistic driving environments by changing the driving environment such as road conditions and weather conditions.
  • Support interworking development language (C++/C#), simulation development environment (GDSTUDIO, UNITY, UNREAL), and algorithm development environment (Matlab)