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Example 01

Consolidated Army Logistics School of ROK : Training simulators for military vehicles

Key Features

The Army Truck Simulator was developed to train driver soldiers of Korean Army’s flagship 5-ton truck, K711.
Scenarios were created with GDSTUDIO v2.1, visualizing the realistic situations on three monitors.
Highly realistic driving training is available by dynamics imitating the driving attributes of K711 and towed artillery
Heave, Roll and Pitch by three-axis motion enhance driver’s driving experience.

Consolidated Army Logistics School of ROK : Applying Tuck-Trailer vehicle dynamics model

This simulation exercise system provides the same operating procedures and driver’s seat structure with original military vehicles. Therefore, trainees can exercise under various road conditions.

  • Driver cabins using original parts of vehicles, 2.5 ton (K-511A1), 5 ton (K-711A1)
  • Similar designs to 2.5 tons (K-511A1), 5 tons (K-711A1) for maximum realistic experience.
  • Equipment with original vehicle parts to master operating skills
  • Training Evaluation System before Road Trip
  • Review system to diagnose driver’s ability after virtual driving evaluation
  • Instructor Control System for overall operation, management and control of the driving training system

Training Scenario

  • Basic control training
  • Mastering driving skills in/out of barracks
  • Understanding driving regulations/Full knowledge of terrains
  • Economical driving / eco-friendly experience training
  • Traffic safety accident prevention education

Example 02

Fire truck Driving Simulator for training

Fire truck simulator is designed to provide a repeated training environment for the trainee
who have a Driver’s license

It is a simulator enabling fire truck drivers to improve driving proficiency by repeated practicing.
In the event of a fire, drivers are undergoing repetitive training by the emergency dispatch to the scene under the control of the instructor.

Training Scenario

  • Various training modes available
  • Realistic control function (vehicle driving / excavation work)
  • Equipment control and task exercise-oriented scenario configurations
  • Configure Scenarios with fun factors
  • Include scenario extension features

Real-time simulation software

  • Hardware Interface Module
  • Vehicle Dynamics Module (Excavator and Truck): Virtual event
  • Operator module (system setup & test)
  • Sound and Special Effects Module
  • Video and Motion Synchronization Module
  • System Monitoring Module

Instructor desk configuration (optional)

  • Instructor control program
  • Evaluation result storage server
  • DVR for CCD recording
  • Network HUB
  • Sound Facility Amplifier
  • Evaluation sheet print system

Example 03

GD Dynamics
ROKAF Education & Training Command: 40-passenger bus driving exercise simulator

Training Contents

Preventing Traffic Accidents / Economical Driving / Familiarization of Terrain / Eco-friendly Experiential Training

GD Dynamics
ROKAF Education & Training Command: Commercial 1-Ton Truck Driving Practice Simulator

Training Contents

Basic operation training / Mastering in and out of barracks driving / Understanding traffic regulation / terrain familiarization / economical driving / eco-friendly experiential training / Training to prevent traffic accident

GD Dynamics
Citizens’ Coalition for Safe Life Action: Applying (Mid-size) Vehicle Dynamics Model

Anti-lock Brake System

System to prevent losing control of steering and increased braking distance due to locking of tires during sudden stop

Vehicle Dynamics System

System to improve steering response speed and attitude control when over/understeering occurs

Autonomous Emergency Braking

Technology to automatically generate braking forces depending on vehicle speed and distance from the front car to prevent collision