METATRACK Motion-Platform

METATRACK is a motion system that increases the sense of reality and reduces motion sickness by matching the senses of the visual organs and the vestibular organs in virtual reality

Motion SDK

VR motion system development and operation tools that facilitate motion platform integration into simulators


Motion Plugins (Unity3D & Unreal)

Component Assembled Type of Unity and Unreal Plug-In

1Motion Component Support
  • 4 Types of simple and powerful component
  • Simple combination of component to control motion
  • Multi motion source/ Simultaneous device control
2Motion Script API
  • User script precise control
  • User filter/device expansion control
  • Compatible API to the game engine object system
3Blueprint Support
  • Visually scripted motion logic control
  • Washout and inverse kinematics algorithm
  • Provide high quality contents development environment
4Multi Platform Support
  • Supports PC and mobile platform
  • Supports Telemetry (TCP/UDP/IPC)

Motion Editor (QEditor & InnoME)

WYSIWYG Motion Wave Editor and Profile Authoring Tool

Motion Waveform Editor

  • Create / edit multi axis motion waveform
  • Timeline-based motion sequence
  • Useful presets including sine wave
  • Motion file encryption support
  • Edit mouse curve control point
  • Simultaneous synchronization of motion and video
  • Joystick motion acquire support
  • 4D effect including wind, vibration, etc.
1Convenient System Configuration
  • Motion Simulation System Configuration
  • Managing Multi Motion Input/Output device
  • Managing Motion Effect DB
2Profile Edit
  • Component-based device/filter management
  • Easy parameter tuning and feedback
  • Control simulation loop timing
3Synchronizing Visual and Motion
  • Control motion authoring and execution at the same time
  • Built-in high performance video player
  • Perfect sync of videos and motion
4Analysis Graph
  • Step-by-step waveform channel analysis and tuning
  • Real time waveform graph of Telemetry
  • Motion device emulation support

VR Launcher (Data Extractor & VR Player)

Convenient Motion Synchronizing contents development and operating environment

Racing Game

  • American Truck Simulator
  • Euro Truck Simulator
  • DiRT4 / DiRT Rally
  • F1 2012/2014/2017
  • Grid 2 / Grid Autosport
  • Project Cars 1 & 2
  • Assetto Corsa
  • Cart Racing Pro

Flight Simulation

  • X-Plane 11

VR (360 video) Player

  • 360 VR Video
1Various Contents
  • Popular commercial Racing / Flight games
  • Easy Plug-In Update
  • Plug-in applied training contents
2VR Mode
  • Auto recognition of VR devices
  • Supports many VR games
  • Supports 360 VR Video
3Convenient Operating Environment
  • One Click Game / Video Running
  • Easy Game Patch
  • Multi language support
4Multi Platform Support
  • Windows PC
  • PS4
  • Mobile (Android)

Motion Player (Telemetry Profile)

Telemetry based Motion Control without programming

Frame work

  • Simulation Profile : Subsystem, Component, Assets,
  • Motion System: Context(Mixer), Source, Input, Filter
  • Network System : Telemetry (UDP, TCP, IPC)
  • Input System : Joystick, Game Controller
  • Media System(ffmpeg) : mpeg, avi, wav
  • Visual System(OpenGL) : Video, Graph
  • Audio System (SDL) : Sound
1Commercial Game Support
  • Provide profiles of 4 racing games.
  • Compatible VR launcher
  • Communication link support for contents
2MI Plug-In Support
  • Unity/Unreal Plug-in
  • UDP/TCP/IPC communication
  • ML and Telemetry compatibility
3Video Support
  • Video and sound play
  • Synchronize motion file streaming
  • Timeline and play control
4Game Controller Support
  • Joy Stick
  • Game Controller
  • Driving/Steering Wheel (Scheduled to support)

Motion Library (InnoML & IMotion API)

Optimized User Experience and Reduced Motion Sickness

1Convenient Developing Environment (Plugins)
  • Popular game engine plug-in support (Unity/Unreal)
  • Telemetry support and high performance API (C/C++/C#)
  • Motion editor and real time waveform graph interworking support
2Mixer Support Signal Process Solution (InnoML)
  • Real time input and motion effect mixing support
  • Built-in 17 useful filters such as axis mapping, noise
  • Direct Position and Force Simulation support
3High Performance Motion Control Algorithm (IMotion)
  • 6 DOF washout and inverse kinematics algorithm
  • 16 bit PCM-based motion sequence control
  • High resolution motion buffer streaming synchronization
4Motion Device Compatibility / Expandability (HAL)
  • Supports motion device and filter plug-in per different types
  • Simultaneous motion device control and motion cue share function
  • Abstract API to expand devices easily