Authoring Tool

Topographic Editor

  • Developing Precision Map-based 3D Topographic Editing Function
  • Modeling tool for driving environment (roads, buildings, traffic lights, etc.)
  • Developing realistic environment editing functions including weather and luminance

Developing 3D Precision Map Generation Technology

Division Off-town district(1/5,000 level) Precision map (1/500 level)
Accuracy Flat location: ±3.5m
Vertical location: ±1.67m
Flat location: ±0.25m
Vertical location: ±0.25m

Driving Environment Modeling Tool Development (Road, Building, Weather Environment)

Scenario Editor

  • Scenario editing function to define driving environment
  • Development of modular trigger and event preset features
  • Simulation of driving objects via path generation and traffic conditions

Drive Path Generation and Scenario Editing Module