VR Motion SDK

API, Telemetry

High performance motion SDK

1 Development Environment

  • Provide components for Unity
  • Provide Blueprint for Unreal
  • Motion control API for Native (C/C++/C#)
  • Various Game Telemetry plug-in (TCP/UDP/IPC)
  • Waveform and profile editor

2 Operation Environment

  • Automatic game sensing VR Launcher
  • Real-time multi motion signal mixing
  • Support Direct Position & Force simulation mode
  • Multi motion device concurrent control & Motion-cue sharing function

3 Processing performance

  • High performance washout, inverse kinematics
  • Including useful filters such as Axis mapping, Scaler, Limiter
  • High performance motion buffer streaming
  • Up to 32 bits resolvable, support 10msec sampling

4 Compatibility/Expandability

  • Compatible with various motion type (Up to 6DOF)
  • Motion plug-in system (Device, Washout, Inverse kinematics)
  • 3rd party Plug-in API

Game Engine Motion Plugin (Unity3D & Unreal)

VR Launcher (Data Extractor & VR Player)

Convenient development and execution tool (VR Launcher, Motion cue editor)

Racing games

  • American truck simulator
  • Euro truck simulator
  • Dirt4 / Dirt Rally
  • F1 2012/2014/2017
  • Gred2 / Auto sport
  • Project cars 1&2
  • Assetto corsa
  • Cart racing Pro

Flight simulation games

  • X-Plane 11

Motion cue editor

  • Multi axis waveform creation & editing
  • Timeline based motion sequence
  • Useful preset such as sine wave
  • Support motion file encryption
  • Mouse curve control point editing
  • Motion and video concurrent integration
  • Support for joystick motion acquisition
  • 4D Effects(Wind, Vibration)