Features of VR Motion seat

Dynamic motion High precision 3 DOF(Roll, Pitch, Heave) Electric Servo motor system
Playing with 360VR
video player
We provide 360VR player compatible with VIVE, Samsung Odyssey MR HMD in basic.
Also available Wireless Wi-fi connection Samsung Gear VR HMD
Proven Quality Fully Proven product quality by exported 1,200 units to 80 countries in global
Installed at Samsung Retail Experience Stores : Approved product safety and remote customer support service
Maintenance stability Designed to minimize maintenance makes virtually maintenance free / 12 months of warranty provided
Operational efficiency Required small footprint for operating (single seater: 800 * 800 mm / 2-seater: 800 * 1600 mm)
Light weight (single seater: 110kg)
High compatibility SDK Easily usable self-developed SDK which compatible with Unity, Unreal etc.
Ease of upgrading contents Establish network with a variety of domestic and foreign content partners to provide continuous contents updates