Reseller contract with VRXR HMD developer ‘Varjo’
Productivity management system certification
Main-biz Certification (Ministry of SMEs and Startups)


Magok office building start construction
Korea-Elecom Take Over
Strategic Partnership Agreement with AVsimulation
(France Leading Simulation Engine Provider)
Strategic Partnership Agreement with National Instrument
(Worldwide Real time simulation solution provider)


Minister Award – Ministry of Science and ICT (ICT Export Sector )
China (Shanghai) Branch establish


Indonesia(Jakarta) branch establish
Minister Award – Ministry of Trade and Industry (R&D State Ceremony)


Minister Award – Ministry of Trade and Industry (Electronic IT Talent Training)
Investment (Convertible Stock – 1.5 billion won) and Capital Increase 983 Million won
For IPO contract with Samsung Securities Co., Ltd.


National Merit of Electronic IT Industry (Presidential Award of Korea)
Capital Increase – 735 million won
Capital Increase By Allocation To Stockholder


Strategic Partnership Agreement with BARCO
(Global Media processing/ Projection Solution leading company)
First Order of Aircraft Simulator (Korea Aerospace Industry LTD)
Capital Increase – 68.5 Million Won (Daesung Private Equity convertible bond – 70 Million Won)
Indonesia Joint Venture Company
Establish Strategic Partnership Agreement with France DIGINEXT (Defense Simulation Solution Sector)


Seoul Business Agency (SBA) Investment and Capital Increase
Patent Registration in Automotive Simulation-based Motion Generator
Minister Award – Merit on Venture Revitalization MTI (Ministry of Trade and Industry)


Development and Commercialization of the world biggest 200 passenger electronic motion platform
Starts OEM Supply and Development of excavator simulator
Development and Commercialization of Theater-based 4D Motion Chair


Investment (Daesung Private Equity 2 Billion won, Korea Small & Medium Business Corporation – 1 Billion won)
Certification of Company with parts, materials, and Production of Advanced Technology
2 of Patents registered in Vehicle Safety driving monitoring system and methodology
3 Million Dollar Export Award
DMS Cluster Award (Seoul Business Agency(SBA)
Seoul Headquarter Establish (Sangam Dong, DMC Advanced Industry Center)


Certification of the Growth and Export Promising small and medium-sized company
Patent Registration on Driving Danger Monitoring system through media analyzation
Train Simulator Export (Turkey Marmaray)


Capital Increase (600 Million Won)
Development and commercialization of Ladder Truck training simulator


Biggest Automotive Simulator in China (4 million Dollars)
Vehicle Simulator CE and FCC certification


First order in Train Simulator Industry (KEX Sancheon Simulator)
Starts Export Automotive Simulator Platform (Japan, France, Germany, etc)


ISO 9001 Certification
Driving License-based Simulator Export (Indonesia)


Capital Increase (350 Million Won)
Development and commercialization of the high-performance Force Feedback Steering System
Development of Aisa Biggest Research-based Automotive Simulator


Patent registration of Electronic Motion Platform, Multi-channel flat screen


Patent Registration of 3D Simulator
First Develop, commercialize and launch the traffic safety driving simulator in the Domestic market
Real-time safety driving operating system development and commercialization


Software business Registration
Factory re-registration – Incheon Gajwa-dong
Commercialized a 4 ton class Electric Motion Platform (a first in South Korea)


Establish and Approval R&D Department
Nation Selected Innovation Technology S&M Company
Army Designated Safety Validation, Military Service Provider
Capital Increase – 250 Million
Nation Selected Technology Excellence Company (Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund)


Established INNOSIMULATION Co., Ltd. and received a venture company certification