Virtual Testing & Validation

  • DCAP-Regulation virtual testing & Simulation apply to real scenario construction
  • Order to perform test with repeatability, vehicle is driven by: Steering wheel robot, Accelerator robot, Brake robot
  • Main goal : have simulation correlated
    – Perform physical / virtual tests with same ADAS control
    – Correlation method under construction
  • Analyze and model real effects from driving robots / environment
    – Can affect target detection

Traffic Model (Live Traffic)

  • Live Traffic Simulation (T-map, Here)
  • 실시간으로 Cloud 서버에서 Traffic 정보 수신 가능
  • SCANeR 와 연동하여 가상 환경을 실제 환경처럼 모사

HMI for Automotive

  • 자율주행차 연구를 위해 필수적인 운전자 생체장비 연동, 측정 및 분석 지원
  • 소형부터 대형 시뮬레이터까지 모든 장비에 원하는 생체신호 측정장비를 활용할 수 있으며, 사용자가 원하는 방식으로 장비연동 가능

Integration of ADAS system

  • HILS, Robot Control with SCANeR Sensor Simulation, MATLAB, Simulink, 운전자 알림장치, Digital Cluster, Platooning Simulation, V2X – 5G

Integration of Driving Simulator

  • SCANeR Motion cueing
    – Cueing for direct control to the 3/6 DOF
    – Road surface rumble
    – Special effect triggered by scenario
    – Simulink API for motion cueing

Scenario based Simulation

  • Scenario Importer, generate a SCANeR™ scenario from real world data
    – Mat file or csv input files, a scenario with a trajectory for each vehicle, modifiable, Command line or GUI based import
  • Scenario Generator, create parametric simulations from a template
    – XML file to describe variations
    – Can modify Scenario or Terrain, Number of lanes, Road curvature, Vehicles speed, Script variables, Etc