HILS(Hardware in the Loop Simulation)

Real Sensor HILS (with National Instruments, Konrad)

  • 실시간 시뮬레이션 기법과 하드웨어를 접목시킨 실시간 해석 기법
  • Real Sensor Data Emulation HILS
  • Real ECU (Nvidia Drive PX2) HILS
  • Supported UDP, TCP/IP, CAN Protocol

Real Vehicle components HILS (Dynamic, Steering Wheels)

  • Test for Real Vehicle Parts – Cluster, Body Components
  • Driving input Data Viewer (Steering Wheel, Pedals)
  • MPDS Rack force Replay & Monitoring system
  • Using the Real vehicle ESC/EPB hydraulic Line

MDPS Test Bench

  • HILS Test bench for steering wheel system test and validation
  • Available to mount various steering wheel system by multi jig
  • Force feedback motor control and tuning
  • Force feedback control and monitoring software